Money is No Reason to Keep your Child from Skating

Any sport can be expensive for parents and that can be stressful – especially if you know your child has the talent to succeed at the highest level. Every parent wants to believe their kid has something special, of course, so you have to really be honest with yourself before making a strong financial commitment. If you really, truly believe that your child has what it takes, don’t use “I can’t afford it” as an excuse. Here’s why.

Second Hand Skates

The most expensive piece of equipment for the newbie figure skater is the skates – these can easily cost you a couple hundred dollars or more. Instead of saving your pennies for the most expensive pair you can find, look on sites like Kijiji for great deals you can afford now. It’s better to get your child’s figure skating journey started with older skates than to not start at all.

Look for Free Ice-Time Opportunities

Ice time is not cheap, so rather than jumping in feet first by renting ice in a rink, look for free opportunities. Many towns have free outdoor skating rinks in the winter and these are a great place for your child to begin learning to skate. There’s no point in rushing them off to lessons if they can’t handle the basics as yet.

Local Clubs May Help

Once you’ve gotten past the initial introductions to skating and you’re confident that your child does have potential, try looking for local clubs that may offer to sponsor them along the way. These sponsors may not pay for everything, but their help may be enough to make the financial burden bearable for parents that are struggling with the expense.

Find a Coach that Offers Mini Lessons

Full hour lessons with a professional figure skating coach can be expensive, but don’t be shy in asking your local coach if they offer mini lessons. Some coaches offer half-hour or even 15 minute lessons. That may not sound like much, but the skills your child can learn this way will be invaluable.

Try Every Other Week

If you can’t afford to have your child enrolled in weekly figure skating lessons, why not consider every other week? An enthusiastic student will still make strong progress towards their figure skating goals as long as they can learn to practice on their own during the off-weeks. No challenge is insurmountable, you just need to get creative.