TheSkatingLesson is a website dedicated to skating enthusiasts.

TheSkatingLesson Reborn

After the founders exited from the operations, Prajjwal Mishra, the then-technical head acquired the website at auctions after more than one year of ceasing its operations. 

Thereafter, Prajjwal restarted the operations from scratch. He continues to carry TSL’s legacy and give it a new direction in the world of skating.

Prajjwal Mishra and Adarsh Jon Alex are the skating freaks currently authoring TheSkatingLesson.

About Adarsh Jon Alex

Hi, I’m Adarsh. I currently reside in Ukraine and I’m a skating fanatic. I’ve been skating for the past 7 years. Roller skating, inline skating, ice skating – you name it!.

Although I joined a prestigious skating academy back in motherland when I was a school student, much of what I know now is the result of my own effort. 

And that is how it should be. Passion for the sport is what should drive us. And my passion is what I’ve poured into this extremely resourceful guide for skaters, along with my pal Prajjwal.

About Prajjwal Mishra

Hi, I’m Prajjwal. I’m a 19-year-young self-taught skater from India. I never took any professional skating classes, but have aced in skating for I had an immense passion for it.

Skating has been my #1 escape when life tends to get boring and things start seeming too monotonous. 

Here, I’ve decided to take TheSkatingLesson to new leaps and bounds by sharing my personal experiences, sharing my skates reviews and teaching all that I’ve learned by trial and error.

Our Vision With TheSkatingLesson

TSL will unite the skating community and encourage its members to engage in stimulating discussion, while providing the most in-depth interviews with the sport’s greatest stars and experts in their field, profiles on today’s top skaters and coaches.

Our passion for skating is only matched by our love of ‘holding an edge’ and hope their coverage and enthusiasm will shine a unique light on skating and its key figures.