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Best Inline Skates (2021)

Below, I have everything neatly curated to help you choose precisely which pair of skates is right for you and how much you’ll be spending for it and why. So without any further ado, let us roll into it (pun intended).

Adults Best Inline Skates (2021)

Look for a pair of skates for yourself or someone dear to you? If the rollerblades are for an adult and if said person is a skating fanatic (like me!) then you’ve arrived at your destination, DING!

As mentioned above, all the following products are tried and tested here at TSL. And only after our extensive use, have we picked our winners for each category. We have done all the work so you wouldn’t have to!

So let’s look at the 4 skates we love the most! (and you would too!)


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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

If you’re a bit familiar with inline skates and are looking for something in a budget, then the Slyk Sterling is a no-brainer. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all my non-beginner friends who are looking for something affordable. 

Why non-beginner, you may think: that’s because these big 100mm wheels present us with a slightly steep learning curve. And for an absolute beginner, it can be a challenge. But if you already are even kind-of familiar with inline skates, this will do… unless you plan to do some intense skating.

Yes, this is not built for anything super intense as the frame is not very sturdy. It is featured in the budget section for a reason. It is not built with the strongest materials. So you’re expected to take it easy with these skates. Anything hardcore and the frames will slightly bend (Easily fixable though).

One thing I love about these skates is that it comes with extra accessories like the Allen key, extra rivets, and a carrier buckle hook strap.



Price: Price not available

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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

The best value champion in the kid’s section is at it again! This model is the bigger size version of its smaller brother, but almost at the same price. These are hands down the most value-oriented skates for adults that I know of. 

For the price you invest, you get so much in return that it’s surprising at times. This is the model I recommend to all my friends at the university who are looking for the most bang for the buck deal.

It looks fairly fresh from all of its competitors in my opinion. And it looks rather premium for its price, which is not just an opinion, but a fact. The materials used, the stitching, the level of details, the moment you hold it in your hand, you feel that it was worth the money. When you put it on your feet, it only gets better.

The size of this model is 39-42, aimed at all us adults. I use 39 myself. And as the size suggests, it is 4 level adjustable. So even if you anticipated bigger skates, you can always physically extend the boot to match your size.



Price: Price not available

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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

What can I say, when it comes to making the best of the best, nobody beats Nivia in India. Of course, there are inline skates that cost 20,000 INR and more, but those are intended for professional skaters and people who take part in national level competitions. 

But for skating lovers like you and me, the best inline skates are these from Nivia.

Out of all the skates mentioned in this article, these are the ones I have used the most. I always have them in my bedroom cupboard. Whenever I feel like taking them out for a spin, I readily do so because I know I sacrifice nothing in my skating experience. 

The premium money you invest, you get it back every time you skate in these.

Just like in the Nivia Inlines for kids, these also boast super-durable aluminum frames and top-notch bearings. Coupled with high-quality wheels, it delivers a performance like no other.

If you’re looking for high speed only, then go with the next product, the Jaspo Atom. But if you want an overall package with amazing performance refined experience, then look no further.



Price: $99.00

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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

You might have spotted the Jaspo Radar from the kid’s section. That was fast for sure but it was geared more towards kids and young people. But the Jaspo Atom right here is the real deal!

Geared towards us adults, the Atom is one heck of a skate, and I truly meant it! All my time I’ve spent testing these particular pair of inlines, I’ve felt nothing but the thrill of speed and agility.

Although it lacks the refinement the premium pick Nivia boasts, the Atom is built for going fast. And if that’s what you’re into, look no further. Click the link and add it to your cart. You Won’t be disappointed, I promise you that. There are a lot of good things I can say about the Atom. One of them is how well it handles the Indian roads. Out of all the skates in this article, this one is my go-to for any outdoor activity. And thanks to the ABEC 7 rated carbon shell bearings, this goes over the bumpy roads fast!



Kids & Toddlers Best Inline Skates (2021)

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Nothing brings more happiness to our kids, grandchildren, and nephews than receiving newly purchased toys, gadgets, and sports equipment. And we here at TSL know how exciting it can be to unbox new skates from Amazon. Because that is what we do, we test each model and give you their proper reviews!

Below are the top 4 inline skates that you can purchase online for your little ones. 

Do note that these skates are unisex, they provide that maximum comfort and performance regardless of whether your child is a boy or a girl. 

Now let’s look at the selected winners in the 4 different categories!


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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

If you’re looking for a splendid gift for your little one this holiday season at a very affordable price, you need to look no further than the WireScorts Inline skates. WireScorts is a brand that is known to make wonderful products for children.

At this price, it is very hard to find a product that’s both well made and easy to use. As these skates are designed with children in mind, the construction is solid and reliable. So you do not need to worry about the wheels popping off or bearings flying out. It is built exceptionally well for the price.

The wheels are made of polyurethane, and the finish is smooth, providing a very pleasant skating experience for your kid. The bearings are not the best in class, due to the price, but are rated at a 7. They are good enough so that your child won’t need to push hard to gain momentum.As with any skates for children, this model features an adjustable boot. So as your child grows, the shoe “grows” with them so to speak. The boot’s closure system ensures your child’s feet safely adhere to the shoe.



Price: Price not available

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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

Now, these Skates truly deserve to be in the “Best Value” section in any product listing. We have tested all these models against each other and what we’ve found is: the moment you pick up these skates, you notice an immediate step up in the quality.

Before your kids put it on, they will see how well crafted it is. It looks and feels premium. It really does seem like a 3000 INR purchase, and that all your money went into making a product that first looks the part, and also functions the part.

There will be no doubt in the durability as the aluminum chassis featured here is of great quality that gives the wearer a very sturdy feel the moment one stands on it. An immediate bump up in confidence.

The ABEC 5 rating bearings may seem inferior on paper first, but trust me when I tell you this, the number on the rating matters way less than the actual quality of bearings and wheels. I can confirm, these bearings roll way better than the budget-friendly model which we discussed above.

And finally, like all skates in this section, it is adjustable. One huge positive is that it caters to the beginners well while simultaneously being a fantastic option for experienced skaters as well.



Price: Price not available

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Last Updated: 27th July 2021

Now, if you don’t mind shelling out a few more bucks to get the best product in the category for your kids, then look no further. The Nivia Super Inline Skates ticks all the checkboxes. 

These are the skates I often suggest to parents I know and nobody has ever complained. Sure, you spend a little more than the other models but you get your money’s worth.

The one information the long term users of this particular skates can tell you is that it is built to last. Never in the months of vigorous skating would one feel like it was built poorly – because it is not! This pair of skates get an A+ on my books for its durability and built quality.

And about the performance, this one is an absolute beast. Featuring the amazing ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings, these skates really can roll! The experience is super smooth, and the comfort is incredible. The moment your kid put their feet in these boots, pay close attention – they’d be overwhelmed with joy!




If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Last Updated: 27th July 2021

If your child wants to take the inline skates out on the road then, this is the model you need to go with. The 3 products mentioned above have small 4 wheels while this one comes with 3 big ones. What do bigger wheels mean? Let’s see below.

There comes two inherent advantages of having bigger wheels.

1. Biggers wheels go faster than the smaller counterparts.

2. Bigger the wheel, the smoother it will go over rough surfaces like our Indian roads.

Now you know what to go with if your kid loves skating outside. The Jaspo features a sturdy metal construction but with mediocre materials that give an average level of comfort. Nothing to complain about for the price. Just make sure that every nut and bolt is secured and tightened before you use it.

Do keep in mind, as these sport 3 wheels that let you go fast, it is not an apt choice for a complete beginner. If your kid is even a little experience, this learning curve would be fairly manageable.



The Ultimate Inline Skates Buying Guide For (2021)

Confused by the overwhelming choices and varieties available?

Invest a couple of minutes reading this extensive guide and to avoid painful blisters, a broken arm and many more problems that occur due to wrong skate choices.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran who has been skating for years, there’s something for everyone.

Best Inline Skates Brands

Here are the most recommended rollerbladebrands:

  • Rollerblade
  • K2
  • Roller Derby
  • Powerslide
  • 2PM

How much do inline skates cost?

Good inline skates AKA rollerblades cost anywhere around $50 to $200. However, professional inline skates cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

Things You Would Want

These are the essentials that you would want to look for when buying a pair of fresh new skates.

You don’t need to be an expert to choose the right product. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Forget the speed, the control, and the grip for a moment here. What do you experience when you put your feet into the skates for the first time? It is not the smoothness of the roll, nor the hardness of the wheels. It is the comfort of the boot itself.

Now I might stir up a little controversy here but I’m gonna tell you this anyway: Comfort is the first and foremost thing you need to look for. I’ve learned this from my own past, involving a lot of ill-thought-out purchases

There are two stages of the level of comfort the boot provides. Firstly, the initial feeling when you insert your foot inside. That immediate sensation is what we need to assess (The padding inside and the closure system outside are what gives you this sensation, which we will talk about further down this guide). Are you happy with it? Does it bring a smile to your face? My current roller blades do. So should yours. 

Okay, you’re smiling. All good. Let us assess the second stage of comfort. How your feet and ankles feel after being inside the boot for quite a while. Now, this is where the ventilation and the breathability of the material come into play. 

You can easily look at the padding and the liners in the boot. If they are too thick with little to no ventilation, then you’re gonna feel the heat after a while. Sweaty feet are not fun.

Also, the cuffs, (which we will also talk about in detail later) should be high enough to maintain your ankles if you’re a beginner. But if they restrict your ankles a lot, then you should look for other roller blades with better cuffs.

Okay, you have had your feet in the boot, all strapped up ready to actually skate now. At this point, you need to gauge the blade’s actual performance. Most of you looking at this guide will be beginners trying to decide which one to buy or casual skaters trying to learn more. Either way, performance should not matter to you as much as it would matter to a professional who uses racing blades.

But, good performance is always appreciated. And Excellent control is the icing on the cake. So there are two things which decide how well you move forward on your skates.

The wheels themselves and the bearings inside them which aid them in their rotation. The skate’s frame length and number of wheels matter too, in maneuverability. All of which we will discuss in the next section of the guide.

So pick one that best suits your needs. A beginner should go with soft wheels that are small in size. They are apt for recreational purposes. As far as bearings go, you do not need to have an in-depth understanding to make the right purchase. They usually come with ABEC numbers that denote their smoothness and even though they’re crucial for the blades to roll, they are not for your decisions.

The last (yet, most important) thing you’d want to consider as a responsible buyer is the durability of the skates. A Very important thing to note and yet the most overlooked. But bear in mind, you’d be using your skates for a good long time. If it is for sports or for urban use, they will be put to their test. So purchase something that will not wear off as the months go by.

Usually, you’d want to invest in something *expensive*. That is the general idea here. The more expensive the product, the better quality materials  you’ll get for the premium price you paid.

You get what you pay for. As you approach the premium-price spectrum, the build quality, materials used, comfort, and versatility improve multifold.

Budget rollerblades for kids often times have plastic frames holding all the wheels along with the boot in place. And as obvious it may seem, plastic bends, and so can that frame. So an aluminum frame is a better choice. Almost all of the good ones that are available on Amazon have either an aluminum or a carbon frame. All the more ease in deciding!

Breakdown Of Each Component

Up until this point, we were pretty much talking in layman’s terms. Now let’s get down to the real deal here. Yes!, time for me to speak all technical!

There are certain intricacies that you need to have a fairly rough grasp of. A lot of things go into making a rollerblade, and if we know what all those things are and how each kind affects each aspect of our experience with it, we learn it all!

Padding: This is what determines the comfort and breathability. So it is crucial. The nicer and the softer the padding, the better. It should provide a snug fit for your feet.

Cuff: Roller blades either come with a cuff or without. Beginners and casual skaters would benefit from a cuff as it provides support to your ankle and feet. Although it restricts movements after a certain level, it is good to have for an amateur. 

Racing inline skates, on the other hand, come with no cuff. That is their identifying visual trait. Reason for the exclusion is the restriction of complete movements. Having no cuff allows a racer to do complex movements at sharp angles.

Liners: You can buy after-market liners that better fit your feet. You could insert them into your boot or replace the existing in-built liner with the new better fitting ones. They are usually normal foam types where it provides the expected comfort and fit. Fancy ones called the ‘Memory foam’ liners adjust to the shape of your feet to give you a superior fit.
If you want to go all crazy on the liners, you could even have one molded to the exact profile of your feet. That is super expensive and a bit too extreme but hey, it is always nice to have more ludicrous options

Standard traditional lacing: My very first pair of skates had this. Just the regular laces you would have in your sneakers. You tie ‘em up nice and tight and you’re ready to hit the rink.

Quick-Lacing or Boa-Lacing Technology: Laces itself, they don’t change. But you don’t tie them, because why would you? It is time-consuming. Speed lacing or boa lacing technology uses a fancy contraption on your boot which enables you to fully fasten the laces by just pulling the string at the top that tightens the laces below. Convenient! 

How the Boa Closure System Works
How the Boa Closure System works

Velcro closures: Some skates come with velcro attachments to further fasten your feet in the boot. Velcros are an awesome compliment to your normal laces.

Ratchet buckles: These are a pretty cool addition too. Most have them complimented at the ankle where is makes the whole closure system more effective. Buckles don’t take up much time to be fastened, just like the velcros.

Plastic frames: They are the most affordable frames on the market. They bend pretty easily when under heavy load and thus are only seen in kid’s skates. Avoid them at all cost if the blades are for adults.

Aluminium frames: Blades with these frames are priced significantly higher than their plastic counterparts. These are the go-to frames for pretty much any inline skates you could think of. They are very durable and worth the money.

Carbon frames: The most expensive of the bunch but ticks all the checkboxes except the affordability one! They are super light-weight, are extremely durable and provide great stability while skating. If you can afford this, it is an obvious choice. (no brainer)

Size: The size of the wheel determines how you skate. Understanding this is key. Wheel size changes the way you use your blades. The size ranges from 57mm to beyond 100mm.

Small wheels give you more control and maneuverability, especially on low speeds. So they are often fit for recreational purposes and for urban use. Accelerating and decelerating is also easy when you have small wheels which makes it great for skating through a crowd in an urban setting.

Large wheels on the other hand offer speed. Bigger the wheel, the higher the speed. Acceleration may be slower, but the top speed would be higher. Plus superior control at the high speeds are a bonus. Due to their inherent nature, they don’t come fitted to recreational or fitness skates. They are a big No-No for urban use as they don’t allow easy quick turns.

The optimum size range for inline skate wheels is 80-90mm. If we are talking about kid’s section, anywhere between 70-80 is fine. Wanna race? You’re looking at 90-100. For urban use, go as low as 57mm, for that extra nimbleness. 

Hardness: The hardness (or softness) of the wheels are measured in durometer rating. This also greatly affects your skating style and how the wheels behave on a given surface. The usual values range from 70A to 90A. 70 is soft 90 is hard. Simple, right? Let us see the difference:

Soft wheels provide more grip. This characteristic is beneficial for beginners who could use that extra grip and hockey players that require superior grip for the game. The downside is they wear out quickly. Softer wheels are intended to be used inside or on a rink. They are not meant to be used outside, on uneven pavements on which they might easily get worn off.

Hard wheels provide less. They offer more speed in return which is great for experienced skaters. Because of their inherent nature, they wear off very slowly and can be used outside. In fact, hard wheels like 88A are recommended to be used outside on the streets.

The optimum durometer rating for recreational use is 78A. For aggressive urban use go with 82 or 84, perhaps even higher. Racing also benefits from hard wheels as they provide less grip and more speed.

Number: The usual number of wheels per each rollerblade shoe is 4. But there are blades that come with 3 and 5, although they are uncommon.

Having 3 wheels instead of 4 results in a shorter wheelbase, usually – which is great for maneuverability. Shorter the wheelbase more the nimbleness. Plus you have fewer wheels to worry about!

Having 5 wheels often lengthens the wheelbase which provides the skater with more overall stability but with inferior maneuverability. Not something I would recommend.

Bearings are truly the unsung heroes when it comes to any kind of skates. They literally help the wheel roll, think about that! The smoothness, the speed, and ride quality are all thanks to these little guys. They are placed between the wheels themselves and the non-moving part of the frame to provide easy rolling.

They are usually gauged with the ABEC system. The numbers go from 1-9, with the top end being more precise and fast. Usually, the recreational and fitness skates come fitted with ABEC 7 bearings (or ABEC 8). The high-end performance skates have ABEC 9 race rated bearings.

Rubber stopper seems like more of an appropriate name, to be honest. They are attached to the back side of the right skate. The idea being you gently raise your right foot’s front so the heel, and by extension, the brake hits the floor/road. This provides a braking action thanks to friction.

All well and said, this is for beginners. You will and should ditch this completely once you gain enough experience to brake on your own. I mean, actual braking, the one that does not involve black blob of rubber stuck at the end of your blade! Hah!

Most pro-grade rollerblades do not come with these stoppers, to begin with. So all the less confusion to be concerned about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inline skates is the general name for skates with wheels arranged in a single line. And rollerblades is just another name for it. Infact, “rollerblade” was made popular by the brand of the same name.

Inline skates have wheels arranged in a single line while roller skates have two wheels each on either side. So roller skates are easier to learn because they require less balance. 

Quad skates or roller skates is a great place to start I would say. But inline skates are almost always better since they are inherently much faster and smoother, although a little harder to learn.

They are very similar, apart from the obvious differences such as the surface they are used on and the contact element (wheels in inline skates and metal blade in ice skates).

They can be used as a means of transportation or as a recreation fitness activity. Some people also view it as a sport, which it is rightfully so. It all depends on how you choose to see it.

Amazon is okay for most of you. We recommend the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT, a hot new iteration from ‘Rollerblade’.

Start by getting familiar with the backward motion. Push yourself from a wall backwards. Then try practising the “V stance” and staggered feet to gain stability and momentum.

The most basic method is to use the heelbrake that comes installed with most beginner rollerblades. As you advance, trying learning T-stops and slalom breakings as they’re more efficient. 

The key is to practise every day. Start off by getting all the basics covered. Once done, try new tricks like skating backward, or on one foot. The more you learn, the better you get.

Ensure proper safety gear is worn by your kid before starting out. Try rolling on level grass first before going over very smooth surfaces. Getting familiar with the overall movements is crucial.

Yes, of course! Like any action sports that require a lot of body movements, inline skating is a great exercise and an excellent means to stay in shape. Also, it puts less pressure on knees than running. 

Skating, in general, is an excellent way to workout your lower body. It's essentially a recreational fitness activity and usually yields great results. High Speed uphill & downhill blading is recommended. 

It largely depends on how vigorously you skate, but the rough estimate is 300 calories an hour. Very intense skating sessions can burn up to 600 calories an hour. 

Inline skating aka rollerblading is a great recreation fitness activity for people of all ages. It is a very good alternative to jogging and cycling and provides an excellent workout for legs and abs.

Not all, but some can be. Mainly you’d need big soft wheels fitted to the skates. The bigger the wheel, more effortlessly it will roll over uneven surfaces and pavements.

Firstly you should determine what you’d be using the skates for. Recreation and fitness, each come with different skates. Then, getting familiar with how inline skates work would be next.

This is a great choice for starting out. You can check them out on Amazon by clicking here. They are high-performance wheels and come in all sizes.

The size should be true to your foot size and not your shoe size. The best bet is to try on the boot and making sure it fits snug but not too tightly. Or just go with a half size smaller than your shoe size.

Notable Sources/References

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