Choosing The Best Inline Skates

Complete Guide For 2020

Updated: February, 2020


I love skating! Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a kid or a veteran, selecting the best inline skate for your needs is crucial. 

The market is flooded with a mind-numbing variety of offerings, and choosing the best roller blades can be overwhelming.

I’ve been skating for years now and in the process, have made the best and the worst purchases possible.

I want to save you from the huge ordeal, or making any bad choices as I did in the past. Thus, I have written this extensive guide on selecting the best inline skates as of 2020

Best Inline Skates Of 2020

Below, I’ll have everything neatly curated to help you choose precisely which pair of skates is right for you and how much you’ll be spending for it and why. So without any further ado, let us roll into it (pun intended).

Best Inline Skates For Men 2020

Personally, as a man, this is a category in which I’d be most excited to write about. Whether it is for you yourself, your husband who is into fitness or your boyfriend who is looking for a new hobby – there are tons of options on Amazon to choose from. 

More options is always a good thing; until the task of choosing one of them is at hand. Fear not, as I have pre-selected the three best just for you. Feel free to carefully read the description to understand why each one was included in this article.

Best Budget

Best Choice Inline Skates

Maybe you’re on a budget, maybe you’re not a pro who is willing to shell out a fortune on some blades for recreational purpose. That is where Advantage Pro XT from Bladerunner comes in. The only misleading thing about this product is the ‘pro’ in the name, it is not made for Pros but for those people who are getting into the world of inline skating. 

The 80mm mid-sized wheels aid greatly in maneuverability while the reliable closure system with the ratchet buckles ensures the feet stays perfectly tucked in the boot.


  • Extremely affordable (only $83.99)
  • Good padding and high cuff for support

  • Soft wheels with excellent grip


  • Slightly poor ventilation inside the boot

  • Flimsy top ratchet buckle

  • Soft wheels prone to wear

Best Value

Advantage Pro XT from Bladerunner

Best Choice Inline Skates

If you’re willing to pay more than the Advantage Pro XT, or if you’re more experienced than just a beginner skater, let’s say a casual or a one aspiring to do performance skating, then the Zetrablade from Rollerblade is the right pick for you.

A random pair of shiny inline skates can never claim it’s spot on our best value segment, it has to earn it. And the Advantage Pro XT rightfully did so. Many of my buddies own this particular pair and they’ve never regretted even once. 

From its sturdy frame to its unmatched comfort, this product is a dream for a skater! Plus its 82A hard wheels provide excellent speed while being resistant to wears and tears! How cool is that?!


  • Most comfortable high-cuffs on the market at this price
  • Durable wheels which provide great speed

  • Perfect fit for all sizes


  • Hard wheels provide less grip

  • More aimed at experienced skaters

  • The fit can feel a little tight at times

Premium Pick

Best Choice Inline Skates

At$169.90, you’re not making the most affordable purchase. But you’re NOT making a mediocre purchase either. For the money you spend, you get all the bells and whistles you’d need and want. 

Now let us get one thing very clear – this is not a beginners skates. This is not made with a newbie in mind. We are talking 90mm huge wheels, here. I’ve taken these bad boys for a spin once and man, was it an experience! I personally own 80mm medium-sized ones and I play it safe. But if you want to high some real fun, this is what you want to get. 

Everything from the speed lacing system, the x-training aluminum frame to the 83A hard humongous wheel, it screams Speed. If you have the skills, experience, and the money – take my word for it and get the K2 VO2 90.


  • Extreme high-speed maneuverability

  • Vortech ventilation system

  • Speed lacing system for convenience

  • Smooth rides on uneven pavement & bumps 


  • Not built for low speeds

  • Only great for experienced skaters

  • Somewhat expensive

Other Honorable Mentions

Best Inline Skates For Women 2020

This is where I believe helping out my female peers down at the rink really paid off. See, there aren’t as many Women’s Inline skates as there are for men, and that drastically cuts down our options. But just as before, I’ve selected the best three for you, one in each segment.

Best Budget

Best Choice Inline Skates

The undisputed champion in the budget segment of women’s inline skates is the AERIO Q-60 from Roller Derby, which is a well renowned American sports company. They always make great products and this is no exception.

This could be for your daughter, your mother, your wife or for yourself – it comes in all sizes! Especially keeping the ladies in mind, the boot is made up of extra soft fabric with great breathability. It comes in three different color schemes to match your preferences.  


  • Race rated chrome bearings

  • Tri-coil frame for added stability and control

  • Exceptional ankle support


  • Not fit for urban use

  • Mediocre build quality

Best Value

Best Choice Inline Skates

I’ve selected the Zetrablade for the men’s Best Value segment as well. Turns out they also make the same, but fine-tuned for women, too! It was a pleasant surprise for me as well, knowing I unintentionally picked two products from the same brand ‘Rollerblade’ for the Best Value.

Here you get everything the previous Zetrablade we talked about offered: the amazing 80mm wheels which are the perfect size for casual/experienced users and they also come in 82A hardness which is the absolute sweet spot for recreational activities. 

The boot is redesigned to fit the narrower feet of women, and the aesthetic is elegant as well as sleek. Everything a young lady would require


  • Durable wheels built with speed in mind

  • High cuffs for ankle support

  • Amazing fit for all sizes


  • Less grip due to hard wheels

  • The closure system takes a little time

  • Built for experienced skaters.

Premium Pick

Best Choice Inline Skates

Though the Zetrablade from the previous segment was a minor surprise for me; K2 winning the premium segment once again should not shock anyone… not even one bit.

This is priced at from $113.26, which is around $70 dollars shy from the men’s variant. But it is in no way budget-oriented. With the hefty price tag comes everything you’d desire. This is a beautifully crafted sports gear extremely fine-tuned for women. 

These are 80a wheels, softer than the ZetraBlade, which provides the smoothest experience whilst giving you the most superior control due to the immense grip the wheels provide.


  • Ilq 5 bearings for best performance
  • 84mm wheels for high-speed versatility
  • Extremely comfortable padding & closure


  • Not the most affordable option

  • Not specialized for street use

Other Honorable Mentions

Best Choice Inline Skates

Price: $239.99

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