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In the skateboarding world, there are two kinds of people. The ones that come to the skatepark barebones with just the skateboard AND there are the ones who come well prepared and equipped: Proper safety gear, quick hydration supplies, couple of snacks, some shades, and a favorite pair of headphones, apart from the skateboards of course.

And this article is for the latter kind. No Mall grabbing would be encouraged here, hah!

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Why go for a Skateboard Backpack anyway?

So to store and transport all the supplies and essentials, you need a backpack, yeah? The one that can also carry a full-sized skateboard comfortably. Enter the Skateboard backpack or merely the ‘skatepack’.

Skateboard backpacks are ergonomic multi-compartment bags with velcro straps (or any other system) to hold a skateboard on the back. 

They scream versatility since they can function as regular backpacks for your everyday use plus be capable of carrying your favorite skateboard to the skatepark at weekends. It is a no brainer!

And if you’re looking to buy a new one for yourself (why wouldn’t you?) then you’ve come to the right place!

But wait!

Don’t buy a skatepack without considering these!

Lots of storage

Space to keep your belongings in safe is an essential aspect of any backpack. Many of the popular options in the market do not offer ample storage and skimp on its functionality. There should be well-made compartments to keep your various sports equipment and essentials.

Space to keep your belongings in safe is an essential aspect of any backpack. Many of the popular options in the market do not offer ample storage and skimp on its functionality. There should be well-made compartments to keep your various sports equipment and essentials.

They should also have a side mesh for your hydration supplies because why not? A tiring day at the skatepark will leave you thirsty at the end and a compartment to take your bottle from, for a quick sip is convenient.

Another essential thing to note is the storage of safety gear. As you’re a skater, you’d naturally have your pads and helmet with you. 

And having space you need to store and carry ALL the essential safety gear, should you require it, is crucial. So go with the backpacks that can fit in all the equipment mentioned above.

Skate straps

What makes a backpack a skateboard backpack? – the dual straps on the back to carry the skateboard, of course! These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Some skatepacks only come with the top strap, and some are non-adjustable, both of which are a big NO-NO. You’d always want a dual strap system where it is easy to fasten the board to your bag securely. 

And always go with adjustable straps since those that don’t come with it tightly secure the board only when the backpack is full. When empty, the straps fail to fasten the board properly.

The majority of these backpacks come with velcro straps, which are pretty efficient at what they do and support 8-10 inch wide boards. Some come fitted with straps that can not hold anything wider than 9 inches, which is something you should actively avoid while purchasing your next skateboard backpack.

Reinforced material

Grip tape abrasion is a thing, and it damages not only your brand new kicks but also your skatepack if attached incorrectly or used with inferior material. 

Backpacks with material that are resistant to the abrasive nature of the grip tape are ideal. High-quality materials are used in the back padding since that is what comes in contact while you have the skateboard strapped on. If not present, gradually, the entire back portion of the backpack will be scrapped off and won’t look good after a month or two of use.

Additional straps

Sternum straps and waist straps are crucial as well. You surely do not want your backpack all wobbling around while traveling to your skatepark, do you? 

A sternum strap is used to disperse the overall weight, so your shoulders don’t do all the work. It makes for a much better backpack wearing experience. You may tighten the strap to your desired preference – the tighter the fasten, the more displaced the weight will be.

And the waist strap especially helps stabilize that backpack (reduces swaying) with your body, especially when you have a skateboard strapped on with the other essentials inside. They work similarly to the sternum straps, but they help disperse load to the hips instead of the chest.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is generally not a good idea to wear a backpack while you skateboard as it can, depending on the weight, tip the center of gravity. It can also make the ride slightly unstable.

Most skateboard backpacks come with ‘skate straps’ which are basically velcro straps that attach to both trucks which hold the board quite tightly.

In the skateboarding community, it is not a particularly admirable practice to ‘mall grab’ since it creates a very unrefined look. Also, the grip tape rubs against your clothes as you walk around, thus damaging it. 

You can carry an electric board like any other skateboard with a backpack that is compatible with big wide boards. Alternatively, you could also use velcro straps and zip locks to hold the front end while you walk so the back end rolls along.

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