Why your skateboards makes noises & how to FIX it!

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Updated: July, 2021


Skateboards are sports equipment like any other, made of precisely constructed components assembled together to perform a particular task. But these components can fail. Sometimes wheels come flying off but most of the time, it is those annoying sounds.

Those random squeaking or clicking sounds that come from your skateboard can get really frustrating. But once you understand why it happens, fixing it becomes a piece of cake.

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The reasons behind these sounds

We know, the question in your mind is “how to stop skateboard squeaking” and let us discuss exactly that. But allow me to talk about why these occur in the first place

+ rubber components in the trucks being very dry 

+ lack of lubrication in the pivot hole 

+ dry bushings and worn out washers

+ screws that need a little tightening 

These so-called ‘problems’ that occur in every skateboarder’s life and is nothing but natural. If you use something, it is meant to wear out to a point where it starts to show problems. And are quick fixes to all of them. So let us explore them.


Whether the sounds are heard when you stand on the skateboard, or when you lean on it, certain things can be done to fix them. Even the weird clicking sounds and the wheel noises.

Addressing the primary issue 

Lack of lubrication

As you could guess by now, the fixes are basically a DIY hack that you can perform on skateboards to eliminate the noises and sounds.

Any sporting equipment or machine will produce the squeaking sounds if they are not lubricated properly. And We just need to apply lubrication to resolve it.


Step 1: Get some Paraffin household wax (or any kind of regular wax)

(Usual lubricants and baby powder only solve the problem temporarily)

Step 2: Get a razor or preferably a cheese grater from your kitchen.

Step 3: Make small shavings of the wax, just a small amount.

Step 4: Detach the hanger from the baseplate

Step 5: Rub the shaving on the walls of the pivot cup (don’t fill)

Step 6: Take out the bushings and washers (maybe the bearings too).

Step 7: Individually wax them along with the pivot as well
Step 8: Put Everything back.

Basically you have to wax every part that touches the busing or every part that moves since the movement is what causes the sounds.

The pivot and the pivot cup is the most important areas you need to focus on since these are the ones that cause the most noise problems

And if you need to fix the issue in a jiffy without going outside to get some good wax, then you may use some old crayons lying around as they make for a perfect alternative. But I suggest you get Paraffin wax itself.

Do note that you’re only supposed to wax/lubricate the move parts or the ones associated with the pivot or wheels. Plus never accidentally rub wax onto the grip tape on the deck. It is a nightmare to remove it.

Replacing damaged components

As the popular saying goes “If you can’t fix it, replace the worn-out parts with fresh new parts.”

Okay, I am not even sure that is a saying, but you get the idea.

Due to extensive use or bad quality components, they can easily wear out causing all kinds of problems. And instead of trying to fix them but the best solution will be to replace them.

Take apart your trucks and analyse the hanger, the pivot, bushings and hangers. Don’t forget the bearings. If they show any signs of wear, then you should consider a replacement.

The skateboard wheels make sounds as well, but that is often the pivoting motion of the trucks and bushings in action producing the noises. But the wheels themselves can be the cause. Inspect the surface of the wheels for flat spots or any weakness.

Another way to tell if your trucks or any other part needs replacement is by seeing how effecting the lubrication process was. If the waxing did not work at all, it means certain replacements should be made.

Tightening all screws

Screws on your baseplate that require tightening do at times produce this very annoying noise, especially when leaning on your skateboard. The sound also comes when you quickly stand on your skateboard. The obvious solution is to tighten all the screws on your trucks and baseplate. Tighten them a little bit at first and see how much of the problem is resolved. If it does not work, go all the way!

Components that moves when they’re not supposed to

The clicking sounds a lot of people complain about is actually addressed by removing the space between the washers and the kingpin. You see they are no supposed to move around but when the spacing is done bad, they do.

A quick way to resolve it is by purchasing new wider washers that fit snug in the trucks. Make sure they do not slip off slightly while you turn. The size of the washers should be compatible with the size of the bushings.

Another alternative is to get out a plumber’s duct tape and wrap it around the current washer to prevent them from moving around. But as you can guess, this is a temporary fix.

Wait it out

You can wait till the washers mould and bend around the kingpin appropriately till the sounds go away. Patience is the key here since you will be required to wait for a little for the sounds to go away on your own and this should be a last resort since the above-mentioned fixes are way more efficient at dealing with the problem at hand.

There you go! Some quick fixes to the most common sound-related problems that we get from our skateboards. But these efforts in fixing the aforementioned small issues is worth it. If we don’t care of our sports gear then who will?

I hope I was able to assist you today with this small guide of mine. Thank you for reading and keep skating! 

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